Meet the Staff

Meet Barbara

Barbara J. Murmann,
Office Manager

Barbara has a rich history in dentistry. Her father, uncle and brother were all dentists. She worked in their office, both as an assistant and at the front desk.

After getting married and having children, she went back to work in the health care field, but this time at Hinsdale Hospital. She started as a Maternity Ward Secretary, and then was asked to be the Secretary for the Director of Maternal Child Nursing. After that she became the Secretary to one of the Vice-Presidents of the hospital, then to the President. Ultimately she became Assistance to the President of the corporate headquarters of Adventist Midwest Health (AMH). Now she has come full circle to move back into the field of dentistry.

Meet Kimberly Crouch

Kimberly Crouch,
Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Kim Crouch began her career as a dental hygienist from Kalamazoo Valley College, Kalamazoo, MI in 2004. Her inspiration to pursue a career in the dental field came from her husband, Matt, whose family has a dental background. After graduation, Kim and her husband moved to Ann Arbor, MI for several years and relocated again to Illinois in 2008. Kim is a proud mother to her daughters. She enjoys her job as a dental hygienist and strives to make patients not only educated, but comfortable and happy as well. She has taken continuing education in several areas including but not limited to: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, laser curettage, laser debridement and forensic dentistry. Kim currently holds dual licenses in both Michigan and Illinois. Being a mother herself, she is great with young children as well as with adults. She is a great addition to our office and we enjoy having her here.

Meet Maricruz Mora

Maricruz Mora,
Dental Assistant/Office Manager

Maricruz has worked in the dental field for more than 30 years. She has a degree in dentistry from Coahuila University in Mexico where she graduated in 1983. She worked in a dental office in Mexico until she moved to the US in 1989. She has worked as a dental assistant and a dental office manager since then. She started working at Murmann Dental Health in 2014 and we are so blessed to have her expertise in so many ways. She enjoys working with patients, taking care of their needs and making them feel comfortable.

Meet Peggy Kho

Peggy Kho,
Office Manager

Peggy Kho has worked in the field of dentistry for many years. Her first job was running the front desk at a dental office in Oak Park in 2004. Happily, she started working at the River Forest Dental Group with Dr. Murmann in 2006. During that time, Peggy underwent having full braces for a second time (the first time was when she was in grade school). So Peggy is excellent at reminding kids to wear their retainers! Since Peggy was working part time in River Forest, she offered to help out at Murmann Dental Health too. She started training with Barbara in January of 2015. They have a great time together and now Dr. Murmann has TWO bosses! Peggy and her husband John live in Elmwood Park, so we are so very grateful she is willing to endure the long ride to save us!

Meet Sarah

Sarah Sherry,
Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Sarah graduated from Harper College's Dental Hygiene program after a career change, and having been exposed to the wonderful world of dentistry! She is the recipient of the 2016 Gold Scaler Award at Harper College. She is excited to be a part of Dr, Murmann's practice, and to help with the patient care and compassion that goes along so well with the Murmann Dental Health values. When she is not making teeth squeaky clean, she is teaching in the Dental Hygiene program at Harper, and hiking and camping with her husband and dog.

Meet Diana

Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Our experiences shape who we are and ultimately help us decides our path. My decision to pursue dentistry was based on a series of important events from my childhood, starting when my mom took me to a very nice pediatric dentist. The skill, care and kindness shown by the doctor have stayed with me all these years, and have inspired my goal of becoming a similarly skilled and caring professional.

When I got my green card through the Visa lottery it was a happy day. I came into the United States and I decided I want to continue what I started in Romania. Working as a dental assistant in the Chicago area, I have been able to meet many talented alumni of Harper College. In the same time, I found out about a different profession: dental hygiene. Before coming here, I didn’t know about it. I have learned a lot from my colleagues during the years I have worked with them. At that moment, I chose to do dental hygiene instead of dentistry. I consider dental hygiene a versatile career that gives me professional satisfaction and time for my family.

The knowledge I accumulated in Romania has been greatly reinforced by my American experience and I consider I am a good hygienist.

Other than my profession, I am married and my husband is a software engineer. We have two children, Gabriel and Ana. We love to travel and so far have seen just a small part of United States since coming here. Also, I like to take long walks and read fashion magazines.

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