Friday, March 25, 2016

We understood that on this trip we would not have access to SUE herself, but models of SUE’s skull. Bill Simpson came down to meet Tony Reeder and me and took us behind the scenes to that area where the model is kept. SUE’s real skull weighs about 600 pounds. The models of her skull are made of epoxy resin and are thus much lighter, but at 75 pounds, still required a fork lift to get it down from the top shelf.

Tony Reeder next to skull on the fork lift. Notice the shelves behind. Each one was holding wonders. The Field Museum has about 1% of its collections on display. The rest are archived for research.

If you ever get a chance to take a behind the scenes tour at the museum, definitely go!

Tony brought two different dental 3D scanners: 3Shape Trios and Planmeca PlanScan. The Planmeca uses blue laser technology and has an accuracy of less than 40 microns. The 3Shape Trios takes over 1000 images per second with software stitching the pictures together to mimic a video scanning experience. and also has an accuracy of less than 40 microns. Because of the high degree of acuracy, the files size was enormous; too much for the programs to handle. T.rex teeth are that much bigger than human teeth.

Photo by Bill Simpson. Tony is holding the 3Shapes Trios 3D Scanner. I am holding an ABFO No 2 scale or 2 dimensional ruler.

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