Sunday, January 17, 2016

The research project to study the defects found on most Tyrannosaurus rex skulls started because of a trip with my family to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL. My nephew and I wanted to see the exhibit on ancient Greece: The Greeks – Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.

Because I truly believe that #everythingcomesbacktodentistry, I asked my family to let me know when they saw something that had to do with dentistry and I would take a picture of it. For example, in the Greek exhibit:

Fun game, isn’t it?! =) Anyway, since the Greek exhibit exited out on the ground floor, we went to see SUE.

Then we went upstairs to see SUE’s skull. The skull on display with the rest of her skeleton is a model. It is actually nicer that her real skull is upstairs, as they have it on display in a glass case and you can get much closer to it.

That’s my nephew, Will in the back, photo bombing and trying to make it look like she was eating him.

Will is the hero of this story. While I was taking photos of the ceiling (Mom had noticed the dental molding! =)

Will asked if he could play the program on the smart screen by SUE’s skull. We said that was fine and he worked at it a while, then called me over to take a look.

How cool was that! I proclaimed this awesome find to the rest of the family and my sister pointed out a plaque by the skull that had more information.

Dental forensics at the Field Museum! Who would have imagined? After this we went off to lunch, but I kept pondering.

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